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Basic Plan

Best for newer investors just getting started with direct mail.


Direct Mail (starting prices):

69¢ Postcards (4x6)

81¢ Postcards (6x9) 

$1.25 Letters (Standard)

3 Direct Mail Campaigns

Skip Tracing:

Owner Look Up

12¢ Skip Trace

Properties Added/mo:

5,000 Properties Imported/mo

2,000 Driving For Dollars Leads/mo 

Team Members & Drivers:

1 User Account

1 Driver

Essentials Plan

Best for sending small-batch, highly targeted direct mail campaigns.


Direct Mail (starting prices):

65¢ Postcards (4x6)

77¢ Postcards (6x9)

99¢ Letters (Standard)

10 Direct Mail Campaigns

Skip Tracing:

Owner Look Up

10¢ Skip Trace

Properties Added/mo:

10,000 Properties Imported/mo

5,000 Driving For Dollars Leads/mo 

Team Members & Drivers:

3 User Accounts

10 Drivers


Complete Plan

Best for sending high volume bulk direct mail campaigns.


Direct Mail (starting prices):

61¢ Postcards (4x6)

73¢ Postcards (6x9)

89¢ Letters (Standard)

Unlimited Direct Mail Campaigns

Skip Tracing Pricing:

Owner Look Up

Skip Trace

Properties Added/mo:

50,000 Properties Imported/mo

15,000 Driving For Dollars Leads/mo 

Team Members & Drivers:

Unlimited User Accounts

Unlimited Drivers

Profit Drive Saves Us Time and Money and Is More Reliable

Craig & Mitchell
Norfolk, VA

Got some questions?

Every plan includes Driving for Dollars, Bulk Direct Mail, and List Management. The biggest differentiator between plans is the direct mail and skip tracing costs. If you're sending over 4,000 mailers per month you will actually save money on The Complete Plan.

An owner look-up gives you the name and mailing address of the property owner as well as the occupancy status and basic financial details like the mortgage information and last sale date. Owner look-ups are included free with any driving for dollars lead that you pin.

A skip trace will give you any phone number or email address associated with the property owner, as well as the contact information of their next of kin. Many investors use this for probate leads or to cold call the owner of a specific property.

If you'd like to give Profit Drive a try before committing to it, we recommend that you get started with a monthly plan. By doing so you can give us a try for a few months, and cancel at any time if needed. 

However, once you start to see a predictable stream of inbound seller leads, it will make sense to upgrade to an annual plan as you'll get 2 months for free every year.

Yes, Profit Drive is a new software platform created by the same team that built REI BlackBook. It is a stand-alone product, and you do not have to use REI BlackBook in order to use Profit Drive.

Want to make sure your inbound seller calls are captured and tracked in your REI BlackBook account? Simply add a Profit Dial call tracking number to each new direct mail campaign in your Profit Drive account, and every new phone call will automatically be captured, tracked, and recorded in your REI BlackBook account.

When using our mobile app to drive for dollars, you can simply tap the address of any property on the map to pin it. When you do that, you'll get immediate access to the property owner's name and mailing address as well as the financial details of the property.  By pinning that property you have now added a "driving for dollars lead" to your account.

User accounts have more access to the back end of your Profit Drive account including access to your leads and direct mail campaigns. This account type is reserved for you and your team members.

Driver accounts get access to the mobile app only and are intended to be used by people that you hire to drive for dollars on your behalf. They can still pin properties and add leads to your account, but will not have admin access like a user account would.

The Essentials Plan The Complete Plan
What's Inlcuded
Users 3 Unlimited
Drivers 10 Unlimited
Direct Mail Campaigns 10 Unlimited
Total List Size Unlimited Unlimited
Individual Owner Look Up
Bulk Owner Look Up
Skip Trace 10¢
Direct Mail Campaign Builder
Direct Mail Delivery Calendar
Direct Mail Pricing
Postcards (4x6) 65¢ 61¢
Postcards (6x9) 77¢ 73¢
Letters (Standard) 99¢ 89¢
Driving For Dollars
Driving For Dollars Leads 5,000/mo 15,000/mo
Mobile App
Rout Tracking
Take Photo & Upload Image
Google Streetview Postcards
List Management
Monthly Property Import Limit 10,000/mo 50,000/mo
USPS Address Normalization
Duplicate Data Removal
Number of Saved Lists Unlimited Unlimited
List Stacking Unlimited Unlimited
Absentee Owner Filtering
Advanced List Filtering