Drive More Profits From Hidden Off-Market Deals

Find hidden off-market real estate deals and send automated direct mail campaigns right from your smartphone or computer.


"With Profit Drive, investors can manage all of their direct mail lists and set up campaigns in minutes. All you have to do is send your campaigns and be ready to answer the phone when sellers start to call."

Don Costa | Flip Talk Podcast

3 Tools To Help You Generate More Seller Leads

All In 1 Easy To Use Platform

Whether you want to drive for dollars or import your existing direct mail lists, Profit Drive allows you to manage your entire direct mail strategy in one simple platform.


List Management

Stack Your Lists To Find The Property Owners Most Likely To Sell

Cut down on waste and lower your cost-per-lead with hyper-targeted direct mail campaigns

Email Address & Phone Number Append

Bulk Property Owner Look Up & Skip Tracing

USPS Address Normalization & Validation

Absentee Owner Filtering

Trigger automated direct mail campaigns for any list


Direct Mail Management

Create & Send Automated Direct Mail Campaigns In Minutes

Bulk rate mail pricing whether you send 1 or 10,000 mailers

Trigger one-off mailers or entire campaigns in minutes

Leverage our pre-built library of postcards and letters proven to increase response rates

Set blackout dates to pause your campaigns during vacations or holidays

Direct mail delivery calendar so you know when your mail will land (Coming in April)

drive for dollars to locate deals

Driving For Dollars

Pin Properties & Send Mailers Right From Your Mobile App

Pin any address on the map and instantly find the property owners' name and mailing address

Send multi-touch direct mail campaigns right from your mobile app

Real-time route tracking so you and your team never drive the same route twice

Click-to-call any property owner directly from your mobile app

Build and manage your team of drivers so you can multiply your efforts

Send direct mail right from the palm of your hand

Instantly look up the owner details of any property and send one-off direct mail, or trigger an entire campaign using the Profit Drive mobile app.

Profit Drive Mockup for Josh - Add to a Campaign

Instantly find the owner of any property

Find the name and mailing address of any property owner in your marketing right from your smartphone or tablet.

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 10.44.31 PM

Stack your lists to find the property owners most likely to sell

Cut down on waste and reduce your cost per lead by only mailing the people on your list who are the most likely to sell.


Use our library of proven mailers to boost your response rates

No need to design postcards or worry about what to say on your mailer. Use our template of mailers that have been mailed millions of times and are proven to increase response rates.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 6.04.07 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 6.08.59 AM

Trigger automated direct mail campaigns to create a steady flow of new seller leads

Create and send "set-it and forget-it" direct mail campaigns without the back and forth phone calls and emails with the mail house.

"Profit Drive Saves Us Time and Money and Is More Reliable"

Craig & Mitchell
Norfolk, VA

"Direct mail campaigns are really made easy with Profit Drive. I can now target specific properties/leads with my Direct mail marketing."

  • Joe Johnbosco

    PTO Real Estate Group

"Giving access to my property finders to go out and D4$ for me has increased my pipeline X10. The ease of marketing and the price beats any other service out there."

  • Kyle Mull

    Mull Real Estate Solutions

"I'm excited about our ability to create set-it-and-forget-it mailing campaigns. It's already made a big difference in our direct mail marketing for our business."

  • Andy Wright

    Mountain Shamrock Properties

Close more off-market real estate deals with Profit Drive

Get immediate access to Profit Drive pre-loaded with proven direct mail campaigns that will increase your response rates so you can talk to more sellers and close more deals.