Exciting Updates and New Features: Introducing Workflows

Featured Graphic - Exciting Profit Drive Updates and New Feature_ Introducing Workflows

Profit Drive has gotten a major overhaul recently, and we want to tell you all about it.

Our dev team has been hard at work…and in addition to many small enhancements to the user experience (all of which you can read about below) we’ve officially launched Workflows, which will completely change the way you build campaigns in Profit Drive!

Check out this short overview video to learn all about the most important updates that were just released for Profit Drive.

To see all of the most important updates to Profit Drive check out the video above.

So what’s new with Profit Drive?

As I mentioned, our dev team has been hard at work on updates both big and small. Continue reading to learn more about the most important updates, and how they will make an impact on your business.

With that said, our biggest announcement is to the campaign builder inside of Profit Drive, and the introduction of Workflows.

We’ve Redefined “Campaigns” Inside Profit Drive

Previously, Campaigns in Profit Drive were one-off mailers that would go to a group of leads.  

With the introduction of Workflows, Campaigns can now be used to trigger a series of mailers for multiple different groups of leads over time.  

Also, The campaign details now includes 2 tabs: Total Prospects and Workflow Details. 

With the introductions of workflows you can view the campaign details for any direct mail campaigns you have.

The total prospects tab displays a table of all of the past and active leads in the campaign. 

The workflow details tab shows the timeline of mailings that are set up for the workflow this campaign uses.

Campaigns is also where you’ll determine what marketing profile you’ll be using to send out your direct mail.

Introducing Workflows

And perhaps the most exciting addition to the Profit Drive experience:  Workflows.

Previously, you could only send one-off direct mail pieces in Profit Drive.

Now, with Workflows, you can build your entire drip-style campaign made up of letters, postcards, and delays.

You can dictate what happens in the workflow.

What’s more, direct mail inside of Profit Drive is no longer a “one and done” deal like it used to be.  

You can now dynamically add new people to a campaign in real time which means you can build a workflow once, and add new leads to it over and over again as your list grows.  

What a time saver!

How Do I Trigger A Campaign Inside Profit Drive?

There are two ways to trigger a campaign.

1. Trigger A Campaign From The List View

Simply select the leads you want to send your campaign to, and click the “Select Action” drop down menu as shown below.

From there, select “Start Campaign”

From the pop up menu you can wither create a new campaign, or select an existing one, choose the workflow you’d like to trigger, and the marketing profile, and hit “Trigger Campaign.

And that’s it! The campaign will be triggered and your direct mail will be scheduled for delivery.

You can also trigger a campaign from inside of the Property Details view.

While the update to Campaigns and Workflows are a big improvement, we’ve also been working hard to improve the overall user experience and have made a ton of smaller updates that will make a big difference in your day to day use of Profit Drive.

With that said, let’s check them out!

Updated Menu and Lead Details

While the updated menu may not be a new feature, it is a big upgrade to the overall usability of the tool. It has a cleaner looks and makes it easier to navigate from screen to screen as you’re working through your Profit Drive account.

Easily find your list of new leads, track your routes, launch a new campaign, and much more.

While this may seem like small update, we’re focused on making your experience while using Profit Drive as enjoyable as possible.

But that’s not the only part of Profit Drive that got a facelift. We’re really excited about this next one!

The New Leads View

The Leads List view is looking much cleaner and the Property Details screen has also been updated to display a lead’s information in a more organized fashion.

The Leads View has 3 different view types:

  • List View
  • Card View
  • Map View

List View

As it’s name states, the list view allows you to layout your leads in a list from top to bottom.

From the list view, you can see:

  • The property address
  • The status of the lead
  • The number of direct mail pieces that have been sent to each lead
  • The date the lead was found
  • The user who found the lead
  • The mailing address of the property owner
  • The name of the property owner
  • Any tags that have been added to this lead

Card View

Card view allows you to view your leads in a more visual interface.

As you can see from the screenshot below, you will be able to view the image of the property, as well as its bedroom, bathroom, and square footage.

You will also have access to the property type, owner’s name, and the date the lead was found

Map View

The map view is comes in handy when you want tozoom out and see your properties plotted on a map of your market.

We’ve built this view on top of Google Maps, so the interface should feel very familiar.

Now we can’t talk about the new list view without also showing you what we did to the Property Details view.

The New Property Details View

From any of the list views, you can select a lead, which will take you directly to the Property Details screen which you can see below.

From this screen you can drill down into more details about the property, see the high level financials including the last sale date, estimated mortgage balance, tax value, and more.

You will also see on the right side of the screen a “History” feed which shows you all of the activity that has happened with the property lead.

You can also edit the property detials as well as change the status of the lead from this screen.

Automatically Add Credits To Your Account

Profit Drive works off of a credit system.

In order to send direct mail campaigns and skip trace your leads, you use credits.

As you can see below, form the credits screen you can manually purchase credits, or set your account to auto renew.

The account shown above is set to “Auto Recharge” $25.00 worth of credits when the user reaches a minimum credit amount of $5.00.

This will prevent you from running out of credits, and ensure your direct mail campaign do not get interrupted.

At anytime, the “Auto Recharge” function can be turned on or off.

From this screen, you can also update your payment method and view your previous statements.

Expanded Status Options For Leads

There are multiple options to track the status of a lead.

We now have more options than ever before for tracking the status of your leads. 

Refined Filtering

You can more options to filter through leads.

Now, if you would like to add multiple filters while in the lead list, you will now only be able to add an additional filter if the previous filter is not empty.

Marketing Profile Updates

The updates to the marketing profiles will make sending direct mail simpler.

When it comes to direct mail marketing, sometimes the validating process can be a little tricky.  

We wanted to ensure that we made the process as simple and painless as possible for you inside of Profit Drive.  

Special characters (such as punctuation or spaces) can no longer be added to fields in a marketing profile if those characters would cause the field to not pass validation when sending direct mail. 

Also, In the marketing profile there is now an additional field for “Disclaimer”. 

You can now added disclaimers to your direct mail pieces.

The text added to this field will be added to the bottom of your direct mailings.  It is intended to allow licensed realtors to add a disclaimer to their mailings.

Updated Tag Filtering

Tag has now been added to the lead list filtering.

“Tag” is now an option in the lead list filtering and no longer it’s own filter for the table.

Our dev team has worked so hard to bring you, our users, these updates and we can’t wait to see how you put them to work inside your business.

Keep an eye out for some exciting updates coming soon to the Profit Drive Mobile App!  

If you’re not currently a Profit Drive user, download the app for free to start building your off market properties list today. 

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