TCPA Compliance and The Future of Outbound Marketing For Real Estate Investors

Webinar Replay - 04/22/21

Are you relying on outbound text messaging and cold calling to close deals?

If so, your pipeline is about to dry up.


If you haven’t been following the news around the TCPA and TRACED act, things are looking pretty grim for investors who are relying on these popular outbound strategies.


This is going to leave investors across the country scrambling to figure out what to do.


While most investors stick their heads in the sand and deny the inevitable change, smart investors know they’ll need to pivot.


If you’re a smart investor, you’re probably asking yourself, “what should I do?”


Well, here’s your answer...

It’s more important now than ever to invest in a proven inbound marketing strategy to continue generating a healthy stream of motivated seller leads.

And the most proven, and time-tested inbound strategy for investors is Direct Mail.


Yup, that’s right. Good old-fashioned direct mail.


Now, as you roll your eyes hear me out...


Direct mail gets a bad wrap, and for good reason.


Until now, real estate investors were forced to send large amounts of direct mail just to get a measly 0.5% response rate.


You see, mail houses require minimum orders because they make their money based on how many mailers you send.


So you’re forced to pull a large list full of unqualified sellers, resulting in low response rates, and a high cost per lead.


We knew there was a better way, and that’s why we built Profit Drive.

With Profit Drive, you can build a highly targeted list and set up automated campaigns that will send direct mail on autopilot.

You can do this by something we call list stacking, so you can build a list of motivated sellers that need your service the most.


And since you have a small list, that is highly motivated, your response rates will soar, while your cost per lead and cost per deal plummet.


Most direct mail houses won’t even mail a list of fewer than 500 properties.


With Profit Drive, you can send a single postcard to 1 property or 100,000.


Let’s say you’re walking down the street, and you see an abandoned property.


Simply pull up the Profit Drive app on your mobile device, pin the property, and Profit Drive’s auto look-up populates the owner's information and triggers an automated direct mail campaign all from the palm of your hand.


Or maybe you want to upload 3 different lists and only send mail to anyone who is on more than 1 of those lists. DONE!


With Profit Drive, it’s easy to send small-batch or one-off direct mail to highly motivated sellers.


This is the direct mail strategy of the future.


Are you ready for it?


Right now, we’re accepting early adopters.


And we always reward early adopters.

You can click the big purple button to learn more about Profit Drive, and join the Early Adopter program before it's too late.


Enrollment closes this Thursday, April 29th.


I hope to see you on the inside.


Damon Remy
CEO, Profit Drive